The first step-by-step approach to fixing your knees, hips, and ankles and eliminating lifelong pain through movement.


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Engaging Instructional Videos

The 12 foundational steps to master the shinbox

Comprehensive follow-along tutorials

Instructor Training including cues and correctives

Shinbox Variations for All Levels

Shinbox "flows" to relaxed movement and movement sequencing 

Loaded variations using kettlebells, bands, sandbags,and other implements

Complete Course Manual & Guides

Detailed 31 Page Manual

Three "Quick Start" Guides

8-week Training Program

Cutting edge results using an ancient movement technique with modern progressions to move pain free and unlock your true performance potential for awesome movement, strength, and performance!

No More Hacking – Just Fix It!

  • Unlock performance - by retraining your body to use all of its mobility
  • Fix pain - by opening joints and impinged areas that trap nerves
  • Improve athletic movement - by outperforming those with poor mobility and movement
  • Cultivate a "bulletproof" and injury resistant lower body - by strengthening and tapping into your body's natural resources
  • Develop outrageous lower body mobility and strength - by progressing through the Mastery Course until a 200 pound man can stand on your shin, and you can rise from the ground like physics don't apply to you.

The Shinbox Mastery Course shows you how one movement series has helped professional athletes, world champions, police and soldiers fix their movement and given them new lease on pain-free living. 


The shinbox exploits weaknesses and injuries to pinpoint problems and provides the tools to fix them. The course's unique progressions have been adapted to enhance your ability to break down complex movement into simple pieces and concentrate on rehabilitating injuries, one step at a time. As restrictions and pain melt away, the movement becomes more and more complex so you can integrate your movement to achieve optimal performance.

We’ve successfully used it to dramatically enhance a broad range of activities: 

  • Daily Living
  • Running
  • Triathlon
  • Swimming
  • Martial Arts
  • General Fitness
  • Physical Therapy
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Military & Special Operations

The Shinbox Mastery Course teaches individuals how to unlock their own performance potential.  You will find that instruction in simple drills evolve into the very complex movements, with a high degree of precision, power, and control. Weightlifters, bodybuilders, crossfitters, and athletes of ages and types will experience stronger lifts, opening new levels of physical development. Football and soccer players become highly mobile on the field, able to weave & dodge with greater agility; fighters start winning more often because they move in ways their opponent can’t. Bottom line: The shinbox will make you better at everything you do!


Shinbox: A Tool for Therapists, Trainers, Coaches, and Instructors

When clients are “ broken” at so many levels it is hard to decide where to start, to train them effectively and safely. Training clients frequently give up when they are in pain, becoming lost clients. There are many great corrective movement certifications and teachings, which we encourage you learn, but you need results for your clients now!

The shinbox, as a tool, will do several important things for you as a movement professional:

1.     Find specific movement dysfunction.

2.     Begin to fix many issues found including: ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, spine

3.     Challenging and Motivating Warmup Drill that clients can employ easily on their own

4.     Teach athletic skills of control, breathing, balanced tension and relaxation, strength, and mindfulness

The shinbox becomes a reminder of your training prowess every time they do it. Especially when they continually feel the results!


Take The Challenge!

Discover high performance, physical freedom and awesome mobility with this easy to follow 12-step course the pros are using!