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  • Instructional videos covering the 3 progressions that lead to the ground to standing no-hands Shinbox

  • Details regarding each of the 12 movements that make up the 3 progressions

  • Follow-along videos for the 3 progressions, as well as the "Shinbox Flow"

  • Video examples for multiple loaded Shinbox variations

  • A full Shinbox Manual in pdf form for easy and quick reference, complete with pictures and instructions for all of the movements

  • Bonus material will be added in coming weeks such as kettlebell and sandbag workouts, instructor training, and advanced training to help alleviate FAI (Femorocetabular Impingement) exclusive to purchasers of this program.

What People Are Saying:

““With 20+ years training clients and athletes I've seen pretty much everything out there. Without question, the shinbox from, Dr. Higgins and CSHPR, and how they progress it is amazing. I've personally been shinboxing for months now and my hips and low back have never felt so mobile. My athletes, most of which laughed the first time I showed them the shinbox now do it without asking; they're addicted!””

Nick Clayton, MBA, MS, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT, RSCC, USAW, Personal Training Program Manager

“I really like the shinbox drills for hip internal and external rotation mobility. Also, for the athletes I work with, it is an easy assessment tool to watch their movement and see what limitations they have.”

Phil Hackbarth (Olympic and ironman triathlon coach and corrective exercise specialist)

“This shin box drill is incredibly complex but once you get the hang of it, it incredibly helps loosen your tight hips! I love it because it works!”

Suzanne Himka (Spartan, World OCR Champion)

“The Shinbox training technique was instrumental in my recovery from a torn quad tendon. It exposed where my scar tissue had built up, allowed me to target atrophied tissue and rebuild it, and it feels like it helped finally get my hamstrings firing again. Grove is a master at his craft & I would highly recommend his treatments & his shinbox method.”

Jamie Bartholomew (American Ninja Warrior and World Record Breaker)

“At first the shinbox was very difficult. Achieving full range of motion while keeping both cheeks on the ground does not come easy! But being able to do a full shinbox over and over has been a true test of hip, knee, and ankle mobility. I love being able to test my shinbox before any workout to know how my body is functioning currently.”

Brittany Smith (Powerlifter and podcaster)

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Shinbox Mastery $57.00 USD
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Due Now $57.00 USD